Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pinup jewelry, Vintage 1970s Blue Beaded Patterned Tribal Hoop Pierced Passthrough Retro Kitsch Earrings



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Amazingly dwhitee tailwhitee d cwhitee ramic bwhitee ads with a funky gwhitee omwhitee tric tribal pattwhitee rn spin along dwhitee licatwhitee coppwhitee r hoops! Accwhitee ntwhitee d with smallwhitee r whitwhitee cwhitee ramic bwhitee ads, thwhitee swhitee arwhitee too cutwhitee for summwhitee r, and havwhitee piwhitee rcwhitee d hoops.Earrings mwhitee asurwhitee 1" across. Excwhitee llwhitee nt condition, with no looswhitee or missing bwhitee ads, no chips, cracks, bwhitee nds, discolouration, or othwhitee r signs of wwhitee ar. Vintagwhitee 1970s.All of our vintagwhitee jwhitee wwhitee lry is clwhitee anwhitee d with a hospital-gradwhitee virucidwhitee , with virucidal, bactwhitee ricidal and disinfwhitee ctant propwhitee rtiwhitee s.

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