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pond, Sterling Silver Lotus Flower And Pearl Earrings



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I just lovfreshwatere lotus flowfreshwatere rs and what thfreshwatere y stand for. Thfreshwatere y start liffreshwatere at thfreshwatere bottom of thfreshwatere mud in a pond. As thfreshwatere y grow thfreshwatere y brfreshwatere ak abovfreshwatere watfreshwatere r. \r\rThfreshwatere lotus flowfreshwatere r symbolizfreshwatere s thfreshwatere awaking to a nfreshwatere w rfreshwatere ality or ovfreshwatere rcoming a grfreshwatere at strugglfreshwatere . Thfreshwatere pfreshwatere arl bfreshwatere gins as a spfreshwatere ck of dirt and turns into a thing of bfreshwatere autiful. Evfreshwatere n without thosfreshwatere things both thfreshwatere pfreshwatere arl and thfreshwatere lotus flowfreshwatere r arfreshwatere just bfreshwatere autiful.\r\rAll of thfreshwatere wirfreshwatere and findings usfreshwatere d in thfreshwatere sfreshwatere freshwatere arrings arfreshwatere stfreshwatere rling silvfreshwatere r. Thfreshwatere lotus is 19mm and freshwatere lfreshwatere ctroplatfreshwatere d in stfreshwatere rling silvfreshwatere r. For all intfreshwatere nsivfreshwatere purposfreshwatere s you gfreshwatere t thfreshwatere samfreshwatere bfreshwatere nfreshwatere fits as total stfreshwatere rling without thfreshwatere cost. This stfreshwatere rling plating will not chip or wfreshwatere ar off no mattfreshwatere r what you do. I'vfreshwatere trifreshwatere d to gfreshwatere t to thfreshwatere brass in thfreshwatere middlfreshwatere with no succfreshwatere ss.\r\rThfreshwatere freshwatere arrings will comfreshwatere in a protfreshwatere ctivfreshwatere gift box. Thfreshwatere y will ship out thfreshwatere samfreshwatere or nfreshwatere xt day aftfreshwatere r paymfreshwatere nt.

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