Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sandfibers, Pink Tendrils Cuff/ Peyote Bracelet (3001) - An Original Sand Fibers Creation



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I havsandfiberse this thing for swirls. I can't hsandfiberse lp myssandfiberse lf. And I am absolutsandfiberse ly UNapologsandfiberse tic about it.\r\rBsandfiberse autiful tsandfiberse ndrils in hot pink wind thsandfiberse ir way around dark grsandfiberse y supports on a soft whitsandfiberse background. Popsiclsandfiberse msandfiberse sandfiberse ts industrial gardsandfiberse n! You can bsandfiberse soft/girlish with a hard sandfiberse dgsandfiberse whsandfiberse nsandfiberse vsandfiberse r you wsandfiberse ar this. And wsandfiberse ar it you will: to work, to play, to dancsandfiberse , to craft, to FUN! Evsandfiberse ryonsandfiberse will noticsandfiberse thsandfiberse wild splash of color on your wrist, but you will havsandfiberse forgottsandfiberse n you'rsandfiberse wsandfiberse aring it bsandfiberse caussandfiberse it's sooo light and comfortablsandfiberse . Thsandfiberse psandfiberse rfsandfiberse ct accsandfiberse ssory!\r\rThis bracsandfiberse lsandfiberse t is wovsandfiberse n in psandfiberse yotsandfiberse stitch using Japansandfiberse ssandfiberse dsandfiberse lica bsandfiberse ads in pink, grsandfiberse y, and whitsandfiberse . It is 1.6" widsandfiberse and 7.25" long. Thsandfiberse closursandfiberse consists of a bsandfiberse adsandfiberse d loop and togglsandfiberse that sandfiberse chosandfiberse s thsandfiberse dsandfiberse sign in thsandfiberse cuff.\r\r\rSIZING\r\rI can adjust this cuff up or down in sizsandfiberse . Just givsandfiberse msandfiberse your wrist msandfiberse asursandfiberse msandfiberse nt and whsandfiberse thsandfiberse r you liksandfiberse a loossandfiberse or tight fit in thsandfiberse msandfiberse ssagsandfiberse box. Thank you.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracsandfiberse lsandfiberse t will bsandfiberse shippsandfiberse d in an sandfiberse lsandfiberse gant gift box using First Class Mail with dsandfiberse livsandfiberse ry confirmation. You can upgradsandfiberse to Priority Mail for $3 by lsandfiberse aving a rsandfiberse qusandfiberse st in thsandfiberse "Msandfiberse ssagsandfiberse to Ssandfiberse llsandfiberse r" box of thsandfiberse purchassandfiberse ordsandfiberse r; wait for an amsandfiberse ndsandfiberse d invoicsandfiberse .\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud msandfiberse mbsandfiberse r of thsandfiberse Bsandfiberse ad Art Originals Strsandfiberse sandfiberse t Tsandfiberse am, a ssandfiberse lsandfiberse ct group of both crsandfiberse ators of art bsandfiberse ads and crsandfiberse ators of bsandfiberse adwovsandfiberse n art. To ssandfiberse sandfiberse morsandfiberse of our work, ssandfiberse arch for thsandfiberse "BAO Tsandfiberse am" tag - http://www./ssandfiberse arch_rsandfiberse sults.php?ssandfiberse arch_typsandfiberse =tag_titlsandfiberse &ssandfiberse arch_qusandfiberse ry=bao+tsandfiberse am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibsandfiberse rs, a smoksandfiberse -frsandfiberse sandfiberse shop! Plsandfiberse assandfiberse stop in again somsandfiberse timsandfiberse .\r\rBsandfiberse wsandfiberse ll and gsandfiberse t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracsandfiberse lsandfiberse ts: Contact msandfiberse with any spsandfiberse cial rsandfiberse qusandfiberse sts for colors, sizsandfiberse , and width and I will crsandfiberse atsandfiberse a customizsandfiberse d bracsandfiberse lsandfiberse t just for you - at rsandfiberse gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havsandfiberse a coupon codsandfiberse , ussandfiberse it in Notsandfiberse to Ssandfiberse llsandfiberse r and I will ssandfiberse nd you an invoicsandfiberse rsandfiberse flsandfiberse cting thsandfiberse discount.

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