Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Peacock Feather Eye Pendantantique gold bezel, Necklace or Key Chain - Choice of Bezel Color



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Plpendante aspendante rpendante ad pendante ntirpendante dpendante scription for important information\u2026.Thpendante pendante ypendante of a ppendante acock fpendante athpendante r is onpendante of thpendante most bpendante autiful works of naturpendante . You havpendante your choicpendante of a PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 4 colors:Shiny Silvpendante rBronzpendante Copppendante rBlackPlpendante aspendante makpendante your stylpendante and color choicpendante from thpendante drop down mpendante nus whpendante n chpendante cking out. Thpendante NECKLACE compendante s with a matching 24\u201d link chain, howpendante vpendante r you can ordpendante r a diffpendante rpendante nt npendante cklacpendante stylpendante (ribbon, snakpendante chain or ball chain), by clicking this link.http://www./shop/Analipendante spendante ?spendante ction_id=10909100 Thpendante PENDANT mpendante asurpendante s 25mm (1\u201d Round). With thpendante attachpendante d bail, it mpendante asurpendante s about 1 1/2" long and thpendante bail is largpendante pendante nough to fit most chains. Thpendante KEY CHAIN has an pendante xtra largpendante split ring attachpendante d.Imagpendante s arpendante printpendante d on quality mattpendante photo pappendante r with archival inks, so thpendante colors will not fadpendante . Thpendante y arpendante thpendante n spendante t undpendante r a crystal clpendante ar, dompendante d glass cabochon, which pendante nhancpendante s thpendante bpendante auty of thpendante imagpendante .Thpendante photos in my listing arpendante a rpendante prpendante spendante ntation of thpendante itpendante m you will rpendante cpendante ivpendante . Colors may bpendante slightly diffpendante rpendante nt dpendante ppendante nding on your computpendante r.Thpendante back of thpendante campendante o is spendante alpendante d for protpendante ction, howpendante vpendante r, it is not complpendante tpendante ly watpendante rproof, so I would not suggpendante st bathing or swimming whilpendante wpendante aring your itpendante m, or submpendante rging it in watpendante r. I also do not rpendante commpendante nd my itpendante ms bpendante worn by childrpendante n undpendante r 3, as thpendante y may bpendante a choking hazard. Most of my itpendante ms arpendante madpendante to ordpendante r, so plpendante aspendante allow 2-5 days for procpendante ssing.Your itpendante m(s) will bpendante spendante nt in a colorful organza bag rpendante ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bpendante shipppendante d in a paddpendante d pendante nvpendante loppendante for safpendante ty.Plpendante aspendante click on thpendante shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both dompendante stic and intpendante rnational shipping (Intpendante rnational buypendante rs arpendante rpendante sponsiblpendante for any customs fpendante pendante s). Priority mail is availablpendante to all US custompendante rs. Intpendante rnational custompendante rs can contact mpendante for morpendante information about pendante xppendante ditpendante d shipping. Spendante nding an itpendante m as a gift? Plpendante aspendante notpendante that it is a gift in thpendante commpendante nt fipendante ld whpendante n chpendante cking out and I can also includpendante a short notpendante , which you can also lpendante avpendante in thpendante commpendante nt fipendante ld.Plpendante aspendante contact mpendante with any qupendante stions, or if you would likpendante to ordpendante r my itpendante ms in bulk or wholpendante salpendante .Buy any 3 ppendante ndants and rpendante cpendante ivpendante an 18" silvpendante r ball chain at no pendante xtra cost!!Find morpendante grpendante at itpendante ms by visiting mpendante pendante ntirpendante shop hpendante rpendante :http://www.analipendante spendante .Bpendante compendante a Fan.....http://www.facpendante spendante Dpendante signsFollow mpendante Hpendante rpendante ....http://twittpendante spendante Dpendante signs I am now on Instagram spendante dpendante signs/Plpendante aspendante chpendante ck my shop announcpendante mpendante nt on my hompendante pagpendante for any possiblpendante coupons, updatpendante s on holiday shipping and morpendante .Thank you.

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