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hurstjewelry, Sterling Silver Bezel Set Cameo Earrings with Crystal and Freshwater Pearls



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Stcameoe rling silvcameoe r bcameoe zcameoe ls hold 18 X 13mm light blucameoe and whitcameoe profilcameoe rcameoe sin camcameoe os. Dangling faccameoe tcameoe d tcameoe ardrop Austrian crystals in thcameoe color of Crystal AB and frcameoe shwatcameoe r pcameoe arls. Thcameoe scameoe havcameoe stcameoe rling silvcameoe r cameoe arwircameoe s and mcameoe asurcameoe 1 7/8 inchcameoe s long from thcameoe top of thcameoe cameoe arwircameoe s. \r\rA pcameoe rfcameoe ct "somcameoe thing blucameoe " for a wcameoe dding!

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