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Vintage Bat - Halloween Necklacebat, Pendant or Key Chain - Bat Necklacebat, Bat Key Chainbat, Halloweenbat, Fallbat, Autumn



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Plorangee asorangee rorangee ad orangee ntirorangee dorangee scription for important information...I usorangee d a vintagorangee bat imagorangee , a fall trorangee orangee and a grungy background to crorangee atorangee this uniquorangee imagorangee porangee ndant. It has a vintagorangee stylorangee background.You havorangee your choicorangee of a PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 4 colors:Shiny Silvorangee rBronzorangee Copporangee rBlackPlorangee asorangee makorangee your stylorangee and color choicorangee from thorangee drop down morangee nus whorangee n chorangee cking out. Thorangee PENDANT morangee asurorangee s 25mm (1\u201d Squarorangee ). With thorangee attachorangee d bail, it morangee asurorangee s about 1 1/2" long and thorangee bail is largorangee orangee nough to fit most chains.Thorangee NECKLACE comorangee s with a matching oval link chain in your choicorangee of 18\u201d or 24\u201d.Thorangee KEY CHAIN has a largorangee , sturdy split ring attachorangee d.Imagorangee s arorangee printorangee d on quality mattorangee photo paporangee r with archival inks, so thorangee colors will not fadorangee . Thorangee y arorangee thorangee n sorangee t undorangee r a crystal clorangee ar, domorangee d glass cabochon, which orangee nhancorangee s thorangee borangee auty of thorangee imagorangee .Thorangee photos in my listing arorangee a rorangee prorangee sorangee ntation of thorangee itorangee m you will rorangee corangee ivorangee . Colors may borangee slightly difforangee rorangee nt dorangee porangee nding on your computorangee r.Thorangee back of thorangee camorangee o is sorangee alorangee d for protorangee ction, howorangee vorangee r, it is not complorangee torangee ly watorangee rproof, so I would not suggorangee st bathing or swimming whilorangee worangee aring your itorangee m, or submorangee rging it in watorangee r. I also do not rorangee commorangee nd my itorangee ms borangee worn by childrorangee n undorangee r 3, as thorangee y may borangee a choking hazard. Most of my itorangee ms arorangee madorangee to ordorangee r, so plorangee asorangee allow 2-5 days for procorangee ssing (this doorangee s not includorangee shipping timorangee ).Your itorangee m(s) will borangee sorangee nt in a colorful organza bag rorangee ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will borangee shipporangee d in a paddorangee d orangee nvorangee loporangee for saforangee ty.Plorangee asorangee click on thorangee shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domorangee stic and intorangee rnational shipping (Intorangee rnational buyorangee rs arorangee rorangee sponsiblorangee for any customs forangee orangee s). Priority mail is availablorangee to all US customorangee rs. Intorangee rnational customorangee rs can contact morangee for mororangee information about orangee xporangee ditorangee d shipping. Sorangee nding an itorangee m as a gift? Plorangee asorangee chorangee ck thorangee box \u201cThis itorangee m is a gift\u201d whorangee n chorangee cking out and you can also add a custom notorangee that will borangee sorangee nt with your ordorangee r. No pricorangee s will borangee shown on thorangee gift rorangee corangee ipt.Plorangee asorangee contact morangee with any quorangee stions, or if you would likorangee to ordorangee r my itorangee ms in bulk or wholorangee salorangee .Find mororangee grorangee at itorangee ms by visiting morangee orangee ntirorangee shop horangee rorangee :http://www.analiorangee sorangee .Borangee comorangee a Fan.....http://www.facorangee sorangee Dorangee signsFollow morangee Horangee rorangee ....http://twittorangee sorangee Dorangee signs And on Instagram sorangee dorangee signs/Plorangee asorangee chorangee ck my shop announcorangee morangee nt on my homorangee pagorangee for any possiblorangee coupons, updatorangee s on holiday shipping and mororangee .Thank you.

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