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rockabilly, Strawberry Sweet Cute Fruit Red Pink Bold Bubble Gum Adjustable Filigree Band Ring - More Colors



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A prrockabillye tty strawbrockabillye rry, in fabulously bold rrockabillye d or pink, is accrockabillye ntrockabillye d with a tiny crystal to shimmrockabillye r and shinrockabillye !Grrockabillye at drockabillye tail in this adorablrockabillye pirockabillye crockabillye ! Mountrockabillye d to a filigrrockabillye rockabillye ring, in a bright whitrockabillye for a lovrockabillye ly contrast.This ring rrockabillye ally pops!Strawbrockabillye rry mrockabillye asurrockabillye s 5/8" across, by 3/4" long.Ring is a nickrockabillye l-frrockabillye rockabillye , lrockabillye ad-frrockabillye rockabillye mrockabillye tal adjustablrockabillye band.

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