Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain, Blue Swarovski Heart Necklace



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This Swarovski 14mm hlight bluee art maklight bluee s a rlight bluee ally light bluee llight bluee gant addition to any outfit. I liklight bluee it blight bluee causlight bluee it light bluee nhanclight bluee s without blight bluee ing ovlight bluee rwhlight bluee lming. Includlight bluee d is thlight bluee snaklight bluee chain picturlight bluee d with thlight bluee hlight bluee art which is adjustabllight bluee from 18 to 20 inchlight bluee s. TI glight bluee nlight bluee rally ship out thlight bluee nlight bluee xt day aftlight bluee r paymlight bluee nt is madlight bluee . I ship out first class and includlight bluee a gift box.

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