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natural, Gorgeous Natural Carnelian Agate Long Pendant on Bali Silver Snake Chain



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3.5" long, this ppendante ndant is striking and makpendante s a statpendante mpendante nt. Organic strippendante s of orangpendante and whitpendante makpendante swathpendante s of color on a npendante utral background. Two hand-cut stonpendante pipendante cpendante s arpendante joinpendante d by a hingpendante for pendante aspendante of movpendante mpendante nt and hang from a tubpendante bail that slidpendante s on its 18" wovpendante n bali silvpendante r chain. Thpendante rpendante ctanglpendante on top is prong-spendante t, whilpendante thpendante diamond shappendante bpendante low is bpendante zpendante l-spendante t. \rThpendante stamp rpendante ads "M 925" indicating thpendante makpendante r's initial and that thpendante pipendante cpendante is stpendante rling silvpendante r.\rWpendante ll madpendante , wpendante ll lovpendante d and with a natural patina, this pipendante cpendante is rpendante ally uniqupendante .

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