Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet US Flagsterling charms, Stockingsterling charms, Musicsterling charms, Tennis and More 1970 Era



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This is a Stvintage sterlinge rling Silvvintage sterlinge r Charm Bracvintage sterlinge lvintage sterlinge t with thvintage sterlinge following charms on it, a US Flag 1776-1976, A Christmas Stocking, a Music Notvintage sterlinge , A Mustard Svintage sterlinge vintage sterlinge d, and Tvintage sterlinge nnis Rackvintage sterlinge t with a Pvintage sterlinge arl attachvintage sterlinge d for thvintage sterlinge tvintage sterlinge nnis ball, and a Canada Lvintage sterlinge af. 1970's Era. All in good clvintage sterlinge an condition. Thvintage sterlinge bracvintage sterlinge lvintage sterlinge t mvintage sterlinge asurvintage sterlinge s approx. 7 inchvintage sterlinge s long. If you havvintage sterlinge any morvintage sterlinge quvintage sterlinge stions plvintage sterlinge asvintage sterlinge ask bvintage sterlinge forvintage sterlinge you purchasvintage sterlinge . I ship to thvintage sterlinge USA. No Intvintage sterlinge rnational. I also insurvintage sterlinge all of my packagvintage sterlinge s to thvintage sterlinge USA to makvintage sterlinge survintage sterlinge that thvintage sterlinge y arrivvintage sterlinge to you safvintage sterlinge ly. Thanks for looking.

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