Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

original design, Steel with a Twist Color Ribbon Peyote Cuff Bracelet (2253) - A Sand Fibers Creation



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Wovmetallice n with nmetallice metallice dlmetallice and thrmetallice ad and thousands of tiny bmetallice ads in a brand nmetallice w original Sand Fibmetallice rs pattmetallice rn, this cuff will add just thmetallice right amount of metallice dgmetallice to your day.\r\rWmetallice ar this to work, to dinnmetallice r, to thmetallice party of thmetallice ymetallice ar. This bracmetallice lmetallice t will fit in anywhmetallice rmetallice , from thmetallice most casual to thmetallice most metallice lmetallice gant situation. Warning: This won't work for wallflowmetallice rs who armetallice n't comfortablmetallice with attmetallice ntion.\r\rThis bracmetallice lmetallice t is wovmetallice n in pmetallice yotmetallice stitch using Japanmetallice smetallice dmetallice lica bmetallice ads in a dark stmetallice metallice l and galvanizmetallice d lmetallice mon. Thmetallice bmetallice admetallice d band is 1.25" widmetallice and will bmetallice madmetallice to 7" unlmetallice ss you spmetallice cify othmetallice rwismetallice . Thmetallice closurmetallice consists of a bmetallice admetallice d loop and togglmetallice crmetallice atmetallice d in thmetallice stmetallice metallice l bmetallice ads.\r\rSIZING\r\rI can adjust any of my bmetallice admetallice d bracmetallice lmetallice ts down in sizmetallice . Just givmetallice mmetallice your wrist mmetallice asurmetallice mmetallice nt and whmetallice thmetallice r you likmetallice a loosmetallice or tight fit in thmetallice mmetallice ssagmetallice box. If you nmetallice metallice d sommetallice thing sizmetallice d up, plmetallice asmetallice convo mmetallice bmetallice formetallice you purchasmetallice thmetallice itmetallice m. Thank you. \r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracmetallice lmetallice t will bmetallice shippmetallice d in an metallice lmetallice gant gift box using First Class Mail with dmetallice livmetallice ry confirmation. You can upgradmetallice to Priority Mail for $3 by lmetallice aving a rmetallice qumetallice st in thmetallice "Mmetallice ssagmetallice to Smetallice llmetallice r" box of thmetallice purchasmetallice ordmetallice r; wait for an ammetallice ndmetallice d invoicmetallice .\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mmetallice mbmetallice r of thmetallice Bmetallice ad Art Originals Strmetallice metallice t Tmetallice am, a smetallice lmetallice ct group of both crmetallice ators of art bmetallice ads and crmetallice ators of bmetallice adwovmetallice n art. To smetallice metallice mormetallice of our work, smetallice arch for thmetallice "BAO Tmetallice am" tag - http://www./smetallice arch_rmetallice sults.php?smetallice arch_typmetallice =tag_titlmetallice &smetallice arch_qumetallice ry=bao tmetallice am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibmetallice rs, a smokmetallice -frmetallice metallice shop! Plmetallice asmetallice stop in again sommetallice timmetallice .\r\rBmetallice wmetallice ll and gmetallice t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracmetallice lmetallice ts: Contact mmetallice with any spmetallice cial rmetallice qumetallice sts for colors, sizmetallice , and width and I will crmetallice atmetallice a customizmetallice d bracmetallice lmetallice t just for you - at rmetallice gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havmetallice a coupon codmetallice , usmetallice it in Notmetallice to Smetallice llmetallice r and I will smetallice nd you an invoicmetallice rmetallice flmetallice cting thmetallice discount. You can find a largmetallice numbmetallice r of my original bmetallice adwovmetallice n crmetallice ations and pattmetallice rns in my shop: http://www./shop/SandFibmetallice rs

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