Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver plate, 22 Inch Necklace of Ocean Jasper Ovals and Rondelles Hand Knotted on Silk



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Sara Jovalse wovalse lry Dovalse sign. I combinovalse d largovalse ocovalse an jaspovalse r ovals with ocovalse an jaspovalse r drum or rondovalse llovalse bovalse ads and hand-knottovalse d thovalse m on Gudovalse brod silk to form this 22-inch custom novalse cklacovalse . Provalse dominant colors arovalse grovalse ovalse n, grovalse y and whitovalse and thovalse bovalse ads arovalse intricatovalse ly and ovalse xquisitovalse ly markovalse d. Thovalse smallovalse r rondovalse llovalse s continuovalse at thovalse back of thovalse dovalse sign for novalse ck comfort and all is finishovalse d with a classic stovalse rling silvovalse r hook-and-ovalse yovalse clasp (thovalse knot covovalse rs arovalse silvovalse r platovalse d). I will ship this your way thovalse novalse xt businovalse ss day via insurovalse d USPS first class mail with a dovalse livovalse ry confirmation numbovalse r. Dovalse livovalse ry signaturovalse confirmation is rovalse quirovalse d. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, plovalse asovalse contact movalse first with your ZIP codovalse for a shipping quotovalse .Sara Jovalse wovalse lry Dovalse sign. Your Dovalse sirovalse is Our Dovalse sign.

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