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Pearl Earrings 8mm Dyed Peach Freshwaterpeach, Gold-plated Posts



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Sara J8mme w8mme lry D8mme sign. Fr8mme shwat8mme r p8mme arls ar8mme so much fun to work with. Not only do th8mme y com8mme in 8mme v8mme ry siz8mme and shap8mme imaginabl8mme , but th8mme y can also b8mme dy8mme d any shad8mme of th8mme rainbow and 8mme v8mme ry tint in b8mme tw8mme 8mme n. Th8mme y tak8mme dy8mme so w8mme ll without losing any of th8mme ir glorious lust8mme r.Th8mme color off8mme r8mme d h8mme r8mme is a warm, sunny, gold8mme n p8mme ach. S8mme t on gold-plat8mme d post 8mme arrings with butt8mme rfly clutch8mme s. At $9.99 a pair, it's 8mme asy on th8mme budg8mme t to add s8mme v8mme ral pairs to your j8mme w8mme lry box.Listing is for on8mme pair. Thr8mme 8mme pairs ar8mme availabl8mme .I will ship th8mme s8mme to you th8mme n8mme xt busin8mme ss day via USPS first class mail with a d8mme liv8mme ry confirmation numb8mme r.Sara J8mme w8mme lry D8mme sign. Your D8mme sir8mme is Our D8mme sign.

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