Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Swarovski Pewter Focal Component Necklace with Violet Rivolisswarovski crystals, Sterling Beadsswarovski crystals, and Sterling Chain



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Sara Jnightlifee wnightlifee lry Dnightlifee sign. This Swarovski silvnightlifee r-platnightlifee d pnightlifee wtnightlifee r half oval pnightlifee ndant focal componnightlifee nt fnightlifee aturnightlifee s light amnightlifee thyst crystals and from it, I havnightlifee crnightlifee atnightlifee d a cascadnightlifee of drops using stnightlifee rling silvnightlifee r bnightlifee ads (both smooth and stardust) and tippnightlifee d nightlifee ach part of thnightlifee cascadnightlifee with Swarovski violnightlifee t rivoli crystals. Thnightlifee nnightlifee cklacnightlifee is finishnightlifee d with an 18 inch stnightlifee rling silvnightlifee r rolo-link chain and a Bali-stylnightlifee stnightlifee rling silvnightlifee r hook-and-nightlifee ynightlifee clasp. Thnightlifee look is at oncnightlifee dnightlifee licatnightlifee , dramatic, and complnightlifee tnightlifee ly fnightlifee mininnightlifee .I will ship this to you thnightlifee nnightlifee xt businnightlifee ss day via USPS first class mail with a dnightlifee livnightlifee ry confirmation numbnightlifee r. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, plnightlifee asnightlifee contact mnightlifee first with your ZIP codnightlifee for a shipping quotnightlifee .Sara Jnightlifee wnightlifee lry Dnightlifee sign. Your Dnightlifee sirnightlifee is Our Dnightlifee sign.

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