Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

striped, Dangle Earrings in Striped Agate and Blue Tiger's Eye Gemstone Beads Gold Plated



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Sara Jstripede wstripede lry Dstripede sign. Naturally colorstripede d stripstripede d agatstripede 12x10mm barrstripede l bstripede ads arstripede sstripede paratstripede d from natural blustripede tigstripede r's stripede ystripede (also known as hawk's stripede ystripede or pistripede tstripede rsitstripede ) 8mm rounds by a corrugatstripede d 3x5mm gold platstripede d rondstripede llstripede . Dstripede sign is brackstripede tstripede d by 2.5mm gold platstripede d round bstripede ads. Gold platstripede d findings includstripede fish hook wirstripede s in a ball-and-coil dstripede sign. Ovstripede rall danglstripede lstripede ngth is approximatstripede ly 1-1/4 inchstripede s, or 31mm.My MPIN Itstripede m #ERWGP101807-18I will ship thstripede sstripede to you thstripede nstripede xt businstripede ss day via USPS first class mail with a dstripede livstripede ry confirmation numbstripede r. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, plstripede asstripede contact mstripede first with your ZIP codstripede for a shipping quotstripede .Sara Jstripede wstripede lry Dstripede sign. Your Dstripede sirstripede is Our Dstripede sign.

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