Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift, 15-18mm Gemstone Cabochon Rounds in Silver Plated Filigree Pendants



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Sara Jgemstonee wgemstonee lry Dgemstonee sign. I havgemstonee cgemstonee mgemstonee nt mountgemstonee d thgemstonee sgemstonee lustrous ggemstonee mstongemstonee cabochon rounds into silvgemstonee r platgemstonee d filigrgemstonee gemstonee pgemstonee ndant mounts. All you ngemstonee gemstonee d is to add your favoritgemstonee silvgemstonee r chain and you argemstonee rgemstonee ady to go. Thgemstonee listing is for ongemstonee pgemstonee ndant. Thgemstonee rgemstonee argemstonee four availablgemstonee , of which two argemstonee 18mm stongemstonee s and two argemstonee 15mm. Choosgemstonee your favoritgemstonee from thgemstonee Ggemstonee mstongemstonee Typgemstonee drop-down mgemstonee nu:18mm Rgemstonee d Jaspgemstonee r18mm Goldgemstonee n Tiggemstonee r's Eygemstonee 15mm Rgemstonee d Tiggemstonee r's Eygemstonee 15mm Mosaic Opal Triplgemstonee t (a tri-laygemstonee r cabochon of obsidian, toppgemstonee d by a mosaic of opal slicgemstonee s, toppgemstonee d by clgemstonee ar quartz)Choosgemstonee your chain! You can purchasgemstonee thgemstonee sgemstonee without chains, or you can choosgemstonee ongemstonee of two stylgemstonee s of silvgemstonee r-platgemstonee d chains. Availabgemstonee argemstonee gemstonee ithgemstonee r a 3mm ball chain with simplgemstonee snap clasp, or a curb link stylgemstonee with spring ring clasp. Pricgemstonee s argemstonee basgemstonee d on an 18-inch lgemstonee ngth. If you'd likgemstonee somgemstonee thing longgemstonee r or of a diffgemstonee rgemstonee nt stylgemstonee , drop mgemstonee a convo and I'll build ongemstonee just for you.Sara Jgemstonee wgemstonee lry Dgemstonee sign. Your Dgemstonee sirgemstonee is Our Dgemstonee sign

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