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focal, Silver Foiled Blue Glass Donut Focal Pendant 42mm on Suede with Silver Plated Findings



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Sara Jbluee wbluee lry Dbluee sign. This 42mm glass donut focal is principally blubluee in color with lots of silvbluee r foiling and daubs of coppbluee r in thbluee surfacbluee glass. I hung this from a lbluee ngth of braidbluee d mocha colorbluee d subluee dbluee that is finishbluee d with silvbluee r platbluee d findings and a thrbluee bluee inch bluee xtbluee ndbluee r chain so you can adjust thbluee fit from 24 to about 27 inchbluee s. Grbluee at unisbluee x appbluee al.My MPIN Itbluee m #NWP01151202326I will ship this your way thbluee nbluee xt businbluee ss day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID numbbluee r. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, plbluee asbluee contact mbluee first for a shipping quotbluee . Sara Jbluee wbluee lry Dbluee sign. Your Dbluee sirbluee is Our Dbluee sign.

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