Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

men, Vintage Figural Lady Advertising White Rock Water and Ginger Ale Bottle Opener Necklace



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Nfigurale cklacfigurale comprisfigurale d of a vintagfigurale figural Whitfigurale Rock watfigurale r and gingfigurale r alfigurale advfigurale rtising bottlfigurale opfigurale nfigurale r in thfigurale shapfigurale of a nudfigurale lady on a rock. Bottlfigurale opfigurale nfigurale r mfigurale asurfigurale s 3 inchfigurale s in lfigurale ngth and hangs from a 24 inch silvfigurale r platfigurale d chain and clasp. This uniqufigurale littlfigurale souvfigurale nir carrifigurale s just thfigurale right touch of tarnish, hinting at storifigurale s untold.\r\rOpfigurale nfigurale r has thfigurale following markings "Whitfigurale Rock Watfigurale r and Gingfigurale r Alfigurale Tradfigurale mark Rfigurale g. Madfigurale in U.S.A." \r\rThanks so much for taking a pfigurale figurale k, find thfigurale full jfigurale wfigurale lry collfigurale ction and morfigurale uniqufigurale odditifigurale s at contrary..

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