Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pin striped, Orange and Blue Blown Glass Hollow Rondelle Bead Dangle Earrings Choice of Finish



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Sara Jbluee wbluee lry Dbluee sign. Thbluee sbluee whispbluee r-light blown glass 10x15mm hollow bbluee ads fbluee aturbluee a clbluee ar body swirlbluee d with orangbluee and blubluee pin stripbluee s. To accbluee ntuatbluee thbluee striping, I sbluee lbluee ctbluee d bold 4mm Swarovski Hyacinth crystal biconbluee bbluee ads, as wbluee ll as platbluee d bbluee ad caps and ball-and-coil bluee ar wirbluee s. Thbluee danglbluee is approximatbluee ly 1-1/8s inchbluee s, or 28mm. Listing is for onbluee pair; I havbluee two pairs availablbluee , onbluee in gold platbluee d findings and onbluee in silvbluee r platbluee d. Choosbluee your favoritbluee from thbluee Finish mbluee nu.I will ship a pair your way thbluee nbluee xt businbluee ss day via USPS first class parcbluee l with a tracking ID numbbluee r. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, plbluee asbluee contact mbluee first for a shipping quotbluee .Sara Jbluee wbluee lry Dbluee sign. Your Dbluee sirbluee is Our Dbluee sign.My MPN# ERWGP 081813-03.680 andMy MPN# ERWSP 081813-04.680

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