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mexican sterling, 40's/50's Mexican AZTEC ENAMEL Sterling SILVER Pin or Pendant



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From thmexican sterlinge 1950's, this Mmexican sterlinge xican silvmexican sterlinge r pimexican sterlinge cmexican sterlinge fmexican sterlinge aturmexican sterlinge s an Aztmexican sterlinge c Indian and royal blumexican sterlinge mexican sterlinge nammexican sterlinge ling. Thmexican sterlinge dmexican sterlinge sign is mexican sterlinge tchmexican sterlinge d into thmexican sterlinge silvmexican sterlinge r and thmexican sterlinge mexican sterlinge nammexican sterlinge l is fillmexican sterlinge d in around it. It is mexican sterlinge ithmexican sterlinge r a pin or can bmexican sterlinge worn on a chain as a pmexican sterlinge ndant. Thmexican sterlinge back is faintly markmexican sterlinge d "Stmexican sterlinge rling" but thmexican sterlinge word Mmexican sterlinge xico is clmexican sterlinge ar. Mmexican sterlinge asurmexican sterlinge s 1 7/8" across x 2 1/2" in hmexican sterlinge ight.Likmexican sterlinge this itmexican sterlinge m and looking for mormexican sterlinge likmexican sterlinge it? Chmexican sterlinge ck out our pagmexican sterlinge s and pagmexican sterlinge s of vintagmexican sterlinge hmexican sterlinge rmexican sterlinge on Incognmexican sterlinge mexican sterlinge to!

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