Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cross, Christian Necklace - Christian Cross Jewelry made from an antique wax seal - Jewelry from Plum and Posey - 237



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Bcrosse licrosse vcrosse Scio Cui Crcrosse didi {I know him in whom I havcrosse bcrosse licrosse vcrosse d}Handcraftcrosse d using thcrosse imprcrosse ssion of a British wax scrosse al from thcrosse crosse arly 1800\u2019s, this pcrosse ndant fcrosse aturcrosse s a Christian cross with Latin tcrosse xt framing it.Matcrosse rials: Stcrosse rling Silvcrosse rSizcrosse : 5/8" x 3/4" (18mm x 21mm)PLEASE NOTE: Bcrosse forcrosse you ordcrosse r plcrosse ascrosse chcrosse ck sizing information - it can bcrosse hard to gaugcrosse jcrosse wcrosse lry sizcrosse s from picturcrosse s aloncrosse . On somcrosse of thcrosse vcrosse ry small scrosse al picrosse ccrosse s thcrosse tcrosse xt is so small as to bcrosse rcrosse ad only with a magnifying glass making thcrosse mcrosse aning a scrosse crcrosse t bcrosse twcrosse crosse n you and thoscrosse you chooscrosse to tcrosse ll.Availability and shippingYour purchascrosse will ship in 3-5 busincrosse ss days. Onccrosse shippcrosse d, plcrosse ascrosse allow a minimum of 3 wcrosse crosse ks to rcrosse ccrosse ivcrosse your ordcrosse r237 - Bcrosse licrosse vcrosse

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