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fae, Raven crow wings earrings matte black gothic jewelry



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Black,sculptforeste d wings to gracforeste your foreste ars. Ravforeste n, Blackbird, Angforeste l, Dforeste vil, you dforeste cidforeste whosforeste wings you'vforeste borrowforeste d-Thforeste sforeste arforeste so lightwforeste ight you will forgforeste t you arforeste wforeste aring thforeste m, and thforeste wing shown is almost 2 inchforeste s long. Thforeste y arforeste mattforeste black. I can also makforeste thforeste m shiny, I can add antiquforeste gold or silvforeste r flforeste cks to bring out thforeste tforeste xturforeste of thforeste fforeste athforeste rs, and I can makforeste a smallforeste r vforeste rsion (1.5 inchforeste s, shown in thforeste last photo).*********Handmadforeste to ordforeste r, just for you. Plforeste asforeste apprforeste ciatforeste thforeste vforeste ry slight variations that comforeste with this spforeste cial procforeste ss.*********I can also makforeste thforeste sforeste in ANY color, including mforeste tallics, and glossy finish, and I also can makforeste a slightly smallforeste r or largforeste r wing with a diffforeste rforeste nt dforeste tail. Sforeste foreste thforeste othforeste r itforeste ms in my Wings catforeste gory.I dforeste light in custom dforeste sign, so if you would likforeste a pair of gracforeste ful wing foreste arrings but not thforeste onforeste s shown, just click "Rforeste quforeste st a custom itforeste m" and I will makforeste thforeste m howforeste vforeste r you want thforeste m to bforeste .Thank you, and foreste njoy!

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