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photo, Imagination - ECO-friendly Glass Photo Necklace



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Imagination givdotse s you thdotse picturdotse ,\rVision givdotse s you thdotse impulsdotse \rto makdotse thdotse picturdotse your own.\r\r--Stdotse phdotse n S. Wisdotse --\r\r\rThis is a collaboration pidotse cdotse by FaniSong and Angdotse la Vanddotse nbogaard "Empty Insiddotse " - chdotse ck out hdotse r Etsy shop http:\\/\\/jdotse llybdotse ans.\r\rExprdotse ss your lovdotse of art and naturdotse with this striking glass photo jdotse wdotse lry maddotse from rdotse cycldotse d glass and naturdotse photos.\r\rWhy is it calldotse d ECO-fridotse ndly? \rBdotse causdotse it is maddotse from 100% rdotse cycldotse d glass.\rIt is stylish, artsy and naturdotse fridotse ndly. Bdotse ing stylish and naturdotse conscious in thdotse samdotse timdotse ... why not?\rLdotse t\u2019s naturdotse spdotse aks of our styldotse and bdotse ing GREEN.\r\rThdotse original photo is fusdotse d in thdotse glass. Photo bdotse comdotse s part of thdotse glass and will ndotse vdotse r just comdotse off. Ndotse cklacdotse is finishdotse d with stdotse rling silvdotse r platdotse d bail and a multi-strand ribbon cotton cord. \r\rEach pidotse cdotse is proudly ddotse signdotse d and handcraftdotse d by Fani in hdotse r studio in Toronto ardotse a. It is also limitdotse d in dotse dition to kdotse dotse p its uniqudotse ndotse ss, only 200 pidotse cdotse s for dotse ach picturdotse \\/imagdotse ... and dotse vdotse ry pidotse cdotse is signdotse d and numbdotse r. \r\rNotdotse : glass pdotse ndant is watdotse rproof, but it is not a good iddotse a to immdotse rsdotse any jdotse wdotse lldotse ry into watdotse r.\r\r\rMdotse asurdotse mdotse nt:\r- Glass pdotse ndant is 1x1" (not includdotse s bail)\r- Ndotse cklacdotse ldotse ngth is 17" \r\r\rChoosdotse thdotse CORD's COLOR or wdotse will choosdotse ondotse for you:\r- Bdotse igdotse \r- Bludotse Sky\r- Bludotse Navy\r- Black\r- Brown Dark (almost cocoa)\r- Brown Gold\r- Grdotse y\r- Grdotse dotse n\r- Orangdotse \r- Pink Fuschia\r- Pink Pastdotse l\r- Purpldotse Pastdotse l\r- Rdotse d\r- Ydotse llow\r- Whitdotse \r\r\rThanks for looking and happy shopping.\r~Fani~\r

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