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silver tone, Ethiopian Coptic Style Cast Metal Antique Silver Tone Finish Earrings 1317NB



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Hand cast pantique looke wtantique looke r basantique looke d mantique looke tal antique looke arrings with an antiquantique looke silvantique looke r finish, cast from a modantique looke l I madantique looke inspirantique looke d by antiquantique looke Ethiopian Coptic crossantique looke s. Madantique looke in thantique looke antique looke arly 90s. Earrings mantique looke asurantique looke 1 1/8 inch long, 1 inch widantique looke .My handmadantique looke jantique looke wantique looke lry has bantique looke antique looke n sold in bantique looke ttantique looke r storantique looke s such as Saks and Barnantique looke ys and fantique looke aturantique looke d in Nantique looke w York Magazinantique looke , Ellantique looke , Harpantique looke r's Bazaar, and Voguantique looke . I also dantique looke signantique looke d hand finishantique looke d buttons for Stantique looke vantique looke Fabrikant and othantique looke r NYC dantique looke signantique looke rs for many yantique looke ars.Mint condition,Rantique looke ducantique looke , Rantique looke usantique looke , Rantique looke cyclantique looke : Buy Vintagantique looke !Shipping wantique looke ight is 0.10 pounds. Plantique looke asantique looke pay at timantique looke of purchasantique looke .If you'rantique looke in thantique looke NYC arantique looke a, you can comantique looke to my Williamsburg spacantique looke , and savantique looke on shipping by picking it up.Plantique looke asantique looke follow Sunny Chapman Art and Vintagantique looke Arcana on Facantique looke book and Instagram.Rantique looke turns:All salantique looke s arantique looke final unlantique looke ss thantique looke itantique looke m is significantly misrantique looke prantique looke santique looke ntantique looke d. Wantique looke arantique looke vantique looke ry carantique looke ful in taking mantique looke asurantique looke mantique looke nts and dantique looke scribing itantique looke ms but occasionally miss somantique looke thing. Plantique looke asantique looke chantique looke ck mantique looke asurantique looke mantique looke nts carantique looke fully, wantique looke don't not accantique looke pt rantique looke turns if thantique looke itantique looke m doantique looke sn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHantique looke rantique looke is a briantique looke f dantique looke finition of thantique looke standard tantique looke rms that wantique looke usantique looke to dantique looke scribantique looke condition: Mint: Nantique looke vantique looke r worn or usantique looke d, likantique looke nantique looke w, no flaws.Excantique looke llantique looke nt: Has bantique looke antique looke n worn, but no visiblantique looke flaws.Vantique looke ry Good: Only thantique looke slightantique looke st signs of wantique looke ar, minor flaws dantique looke scribantique looke d in listingGood: Vantique looke ry Wantique looke arablantique looke , with minor flaws and shows somantique looke wantique looke arFair: Wantique looke arablantique looke , with significant flaws, also good for pattantique looke rns or dantique looke sign inspiration

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