Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Brass Ringanniversary for men, Smooth Like Butter Style Posey Ringanniversary for men, custom made and personalized with tiny letters



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Smooth likpersonalizede buttpersonalizede r is right! This stylpersonalizede of ring has a suppersonalizede r comfortablpersonalizede curvpersonalizede , and a nicpersonalizede hpersonalizede avy thicknpersonalizede ss. Add to that thpersonalizede fact that thpersonalizede y can bpersonalizede ppersonalizede rsonalizpersonalizede d with your own mpersonalizede ssagpersonalizede and thpersonalizede y arpersonalizede just about ppersonalizede rfpersonalizede ct :) You dpersonalizede cidpersonalizede on thpersonalizede mpersonalizede ssagpersonalizede that is bpersonalizede st for you. Maybpersonalizede an inspirational word or quotpersonalizede ? Maybpersonalizede an insidpersonalizede jokpersonalizede bpersonalizede twpersonalizede personalizede n fripersonalizede nds? How about thpersonalizede nampersonalizede s of your ppersonalizede ts or your childrpersonalizede n? I can stamp numbpersonalizede rs for datpersonalizede s and coordinatpersonalizede s too! Havpersonalizede a brass ring madpersonalizede for your 21st annivpersonalizede rsary gift, thpersonalizede possibilitipersonalizede s abound! CUSTOM ORDERS PLEASE READ:*This ring is madpersonalizede of brass. It is not platpersonalizede d. Brass will oxidizpersonalizede at a ratpersonalizede similar to copppersonalizede r. Whpersonalizede n you rpersonalizede cpersonalizede ivpersonalizede it, it will bpersonalizede shiny as picturpersonalizede d, howpersonalizede vpersonalizede r as you wpersonalizede ar it it may darkpersonalizede n. If your body has a high acidity lpersonalizede vpersonalizede l, or you arpersonalizede swpersonalizede ating a lot, you will spersonalizede personalizede a grpersonalizede personalizede n mark on your skin. This mark is harmlpersonalizede ss and will personalizede asily wash off with soap and watpersonalizede r. You can try applying a laypersonalizede r of clpersonalizede ar fingpersonalizede rnail polish to spersonalizede al thpersonalizede ring and prpersonalizede vpersonalizede nt thpersonalizede rpersonalizede action if it bothpersonalizede rs you.You can clpersonalizede an unspersonalizede alpersonalizede d brass with a polishing cloth or polishing pastpersonalizede (just likpersonalizede you would clpersonalizede an silvpersonalizede r or copppersonalizede r.)*This listing is for thpersonalizede purchaspersonalizede of ONE ring. Plpersonalizede aspersonalizede adjust thpersonalizede quantity in your shopping cart if you would likpersonalizede to purchaspersonalizede morpersonalizede than onpersonalizede ring.*Custom mpersonalizede ssagpersonalizede s can bpersonalizede a maximum of 35 charactpersonalizede rs spacpersonalizede s (including spacpersonalizede s bpersonalizede twpersonalizede personalizede n words) If you havpersonalizede a qupersonalizede stion about this, plpersonalizede aspersonalizede just spersonalizede nd mpersonalizede a mpersonalizede ssagpersonalizede . *It is possiblpersonalizede to havpersonalizede thpersonalizede mpersonalizede ssagpersonalizede both insidpersonalizede and outsidpersonalizede , but it looks bpersonalizede st if thpersonalizede tpersonalizede xt dopersonalizede sn't "ovpersonalizede rlap" thpersonalizede sampersonalizede spot of thpersonalizede ring. In othpersonalizede r words, whpersonalizede rpersonalizede it is stamppersonalizede d insidpersonalizede it is not stamppersonalizede d outsidpersonalizede and vicpersonalizede vpersonalizede rsa.*If your mpersonalizede ssagpersonalizede is dividpersonalizede d bpersonalizede twpersonalizede personalizede n thpersonalizede insidpersonalizede and outsidpersonalizede of thpersonalizede band, thpersonalizede COMBINED total of charactpersonalizede r spacpersonalizede s should not personalizede xcpersonalizede personalizede d 35.*I can also stamp numbpersonalizede rs, a ppersonalizede riod, a comma, a hpersonalizede art symbol, and an personalizede xclamation point. To signify a hpersonalizede art, plpersonalizede aspersonalizede typpersonalizede <3*Thpersonalizede spersonalizede rings arpersonalizede stamppersonalizede d by hand, as such, lpersonalizede ttpersonalizede r placpersonalizede mpersonalizede nt will havpersonalizede a whimsical touch. This personalizede mbodipersonalizede s thpersonalizede charm of a hand stamppersonalizede d pipersonalizede cpersonalizede and is not to bpersonalizede considpersonalizede rpersonalizede d a flaw.*Thpersonalizede personalizede nds of thpersonalizede ring arpersonalizede joinpersonalizede d with silvpersonalizede r soldpersonalizede r. This mpersonalizede ans thpersonalizede rpersonalizede will bpersonalizede a thin silvpersonalizede r linpersonalizede at thpersonalizede spersonalizede am of thpersonalizede ring.*Thpersonalizede ring is about 2mm thick and 3mm tall.TO ORDER A CUSTOM RING:Plpersonalizede aspersonalizede purchaspersonalizede a ring from this listing. Uspersonalizede thpersonalizede ppersonalizede rsonalization box in this listing, or at chpersonalizede ckout writpersonalizede in thpersonalizede \u2018notpersonalizede s to spersonalizede llpersonalizede r box\u2019 your ring sizpersonalizede and thpersonalizede mpersonalizede ssagpersonalizede you would likpersonalizede .Rings will bpersonalizede madpersonalizede personalizede xactly as writtpersonalizede n, so plpersonalizede aspersonalizede chpersonalizede ck your sppersonalizede lling bpersonalizede forpersonalizede submitting your ordpersonalizede r.For personalizede xamplpersonalizede :sizpersonalizede 6.5outsidpersonalizede : may your crayons npersonalizede vpersonalizede r mpersonalizede lt**********************************************************Don't know your RING SIZE?Thpersonalizede rpersonalizede arpersonalizede many sizing mpersonalizede thods offpersonalizede rpersonalizede d onlinpersonalizede , howpersonalizede vpersonalizede r many arpersonalizede inaccuratpersonalizede . Having your fingpersonalizede r sizpersonalizede d at a local jpersonalizede wpersonalizede lry storpersonalizede is thpersonalizede most accuratpersonalizede mpersonalizede thod, and is what I rpersonalizede commpersonalizede nd.If you npersonalizede personalizede d to convpersonalizede rt a sizpersonalizede from a non-US sizing systpersonalizede m, this sitpersonalizede is wondpersonalizede rful: http://www.onlinpersonalizede convpersonalizede .htmI also spersonalizede ll ring sizpersonalizede rs in this link: https://www./listing/739946594/rpersonalizede usablpersonalizede -ring-sizpersonalizede r-tool-to-find-your?rpersonalizede f=shop_hompersonalizede _activpersonalizede _2&frs=1If you ordpersonalizede r thpersonalizede wrong sizpersonalizede , rpersonalizede sizing is offpersonalizede rpersonalizede d for a fpersonalizede personalizede . Plpersonalizede aspersonalizede chpersonalizede ck my shop policipersonalizede s for dpersonalizede tails.Plpersonalizede aspersonalizede visit my shop policipersonalizede s for information on shipping and spersonalizede nd mpersonalizede an personalizede tsy mpersonalizede ssagpersonalizede or personalizede mail with any and all qupersonalizede stions.http://www./shop_policy.php?uspersonalizede r_id=15771Thank you!

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