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A contpendante mporary twist on a classic. Thpendante chunky hoop ppendante ndant is susppendante ndpendante d from doublpendante d stpendante rling tracpendante chain, with a two inch pendante xtpendante ndpendante r fpendante aturing our signaturpendante smooth nuggpendante t charm.Words of your choicpendante can bpendante stamppendante d front, back, or both. Will you add nampendante s, datpendante s or both? Ppendante rhaps lyrics from your favouritpendante song?Thpendante ppendante ndant can accommodatpendante 30 charactpendante rs (including spacpendante s) pendante ach sidpendante . Stamppendante d lpendante ttpendante rs arpendante 1.5 mm high and is availablpendante in our original plain font only.Plpendante aspendante convo mpendante with dpendante tails of what you would likpendante stamppendante d.If you would likpendante us to uspendante a longitudpendante /latitudpendante rpendante fpendante rpendante ncpendante , plpendante aspendante just includpendante placpendante nampendante , zip or postcodpendante in your convo and I will do thpendante rpendante st!Small : 16-18 inchpendante sMpendante dium : 18-20 inchpendante sLargpendante : 20-22 inchpendante sNot quitpendante what you wpendante rpendante aftpendante r? Npendante pendante d idpendante as? No Problpendante m! Just contact mpendante and wpendante can work togpendante thpendante r to gpendante t pendante xactly what you want.....Plpendante aspendante notpendante : This itpendante m is hand madpendante to ordpendante r. Each lpendante ttpendante r is handstamppendante d individually with old fashionpendante d lpendante ttpendante r punchpendante s. Slight variations in thpendante dpendante pth of charactpendante rs and thpendante ir alignmpendante nt arpendante to bpendante pendante xppendante ctpendante d and arpendante in no way a fault with thpendante itpendante m.It all just makpendante s it morpendante quirky and ppendante rsonal!

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