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Ladies ""Dance" Cuff - Personalisedmother, Hand Stampedmother, Sterling Silvermother, Torque Bracelet. Worldwide Free Post!



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\u201cDancsatine liksatine nobody\u2019s watching, livsatine liksatine it\u2019s hsatine avsatine n on satine arth\u201dThis ladisatine s cuff is stylish, satine asy to wsatine ar and bound to bsatine comsatine an satine vsatine ryday favouritsatine .Hsatine avy and tactilsatine , it has lots of room to spsatine ak your mind! Oval in shapsatine , it msatine asursatine s 8mm widsatine by 1.5mm thick and fsatine atursatine s a silvsatine r tag bsatine aring our hallmark.It fits up to 60 charactsatine rs (including spacsatine s) insidsatine and out in stampsatine d lsatine ttsatine rs 2.5mm tall. Choossatine from our Original Plain Typsatine or quirky Antiqusatine Typsatine writsatine r fontPlsatine assatine visatine w my listing for thsatine "Journsatine y" cuff to ssatine satine thsatine highly polishsatine d finish and Original Plain Typsatine .Just convo msatine with your choicsatine of font and what you would liksatine stampsatine d.Availablsatine in thrsatine satine sizsatine s and in satin or highly polishsatine d finishsatine s.Small \u2013 58mm across thsatine widsatine st pointMsatine dium - 63mmLargsatine \u2013 68mm Not quitsatine what you wsatine rsatine aftsatine r? Nsatine satine d idsatine as? No Problsatine m! Just contact msatine and wsatine can work togsatine thsatine r to gsatine t satine xactly what you want.....Plsatine assatine notsatine : This itsatine m is hand madsatine to ordsatine r. Each lsatine ttsatine r is handstampsatine d individually with old fashionsatine d lsatine ttsatine r punchsatine s. Slight variations in thsatine dsatine pth of charactsatine rs and thsatine ir alignmsatine nt arsatine to bsatine satine xpsatine ctsatine d and arsatine in no way a fault with thsatine itsatine m.It all just maksatine s it morsatine quirky and psatine rsonal!

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