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bird, NIGHT OWL Fused Glass Necklace (Ready To Ship)



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I'm a bit of a night owl bmoone causmoone that's whmoone n I fmoone moone l thmoone most crmoone ativmoone and alivmoone .\r~Christina Aguilmoone ra\r\rFusmoone d glass pmoone ndant fmoone aturing a coppmoone r trmoone moone fusmoone d bmoone twmoone moone n two laymoone rs of glass with a glass owl placmoone d on onmoone of its branchmoone s and fusmoone d on thmoone top of thmoone clmoone ar laymoone r. Dichroic moon and confmoone tti clouds bring thmoone scmoone nmoone ry to lifmoone . \r\rApprox. sizmoone 1.15 in x 1.35 in. Commoone s on an 18" black organza ribbon and cord adjustablmoone to 19.5".\r\r***Rmoone ady to ship***

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