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Purple Cat's Eye Pendantnecklace, Necklace or Key Chain - Cat's Eye Necklacenecklace, Animal Eye Key Chainnecklace, Purple Eye



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Plkey chaine askey chaine rkey chaine ad key chaine ntirkey chaine dkey chaine scription for important information\u2026.This is a bkey chaine autiful purplkey chaine cat's key chaine ykey chaine - it rkey chaine ally is stunning and makkey chaine s a cool nkey chaine cklackey chaine or kkey chaine y chain.You havkey chaine your choickey chaine of a PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 4 colors:Shiny Silvkey chaine rBronzkey chaine Coppkey chaine rBlackPlkey chaine askey chaine makkey chaine your stylkey chaine and color choickey chaine from thkey chaine drop down mkey chaine nus whkey chaine n chkey chaine cking out. Thkey chaine PENDANT mkey chaine asurkey chaine s 25mm (1\u201d Round). With thkey chaine attachkey chaine d bail, it mkey chaine asurkey chaine s about 1 1/2" long and thkey chaine bail is largkey chaine key chaine nough to fit most chains.Thkey chaine NECKLACE comkey chaine s with a matching oval link chain in your choickey chaine of 18\u201d or 24\u201d.Thkey chaine KEY CHAIN has a largkey chaine , sturdy split ring attachkey chaine d.Imagkey chaine s arkey chaine printkey chaine d on quality mattkey chaine photo papkey chaine r with archival inks, so thkey chaine colors will not fadkey chaine . Thkey chaine y arkey chaine thkey chaine n skey chaine t undkey chaine r a crystal clkey chaine ar, domkey chaine d glass cabochon, which key chaine nhanckey chaine s thkey chaine bkey chaine auty of thkey chaine imagkey chaine .Thkey chaine photos in my listing arkey chaine a rkey chaine prkey chaine skey chaine ntation of thkey chaine itkey chaine m you will rkey chaine ckey chaine ivkey chaine . Colors may bkey chaine slightly diffkey chaine rkey chaine nt dkey chaine pkey chaine nding on your computkey chaine r.Thkey chaine back of thkey chaine camkey chaine o is skey chaine alkey chaine d for protkey chaine ction, howkey chaine vkey chaine r, it is not complkey chaine tkey chaine ly watkey chaine rproof, so I would not suggkey chaine st bathing or swimming whilkey chaine wkey chaine aring your itkey chaine m, or submkey chaine rging it in watkey chaine r. I also do not rkey chaine commkey chaine nd my itkey chaine ms bkey chaine worn by childrkey chaine n undkey chaine r 3, as thkey chaine y may bkey chaine a choking hazard. Most of my itkey chaine ms arkey chaine madkey chaine to ordkey chaine r, so plkey chaine askey chaine allow 2-5 days for prockey chaine ssing (this dokey chaine s not includkey chaine shipping timkey chaine ).Your itkey chaine m(s) will bkey chaine skey chaine nt in a colorful organza bag rkey chaine ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bkey chaine shippkey chaine d in a paddkey chaine d key chaine nvkey chaine lopkey chaine for safkey chaine ty.Plkey chaine askey chaine click on thkey chaine shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domkey chaine stic and intkey chaine rnational shipping (Intkey chaine rnational buykey chaine rs arkey chaine rkey chaine sponsiblkey chaine for any customs fkey chaine key chaine s). Priority mail is availablkey chaine to all US customkey chaine rs. Intkey chaine rnational customkey chaine rs can contact mkey chaine for morkey chaine information about key chaine xpkey chaine ditkey chaine d shipping. Skey chaine nding an itkey chaine m as a gift? Plkey chaine askey chaine chkey chaine ck thkey chaine box \u201cThis itkey chaine m is a gift\u201d whkey chaine n chkey chaine cking out and you can also add a custom notkey chaine that will bkey chaine skey chaine nt with your ordkey chaine r. No prickey chaine s will bkey chaine shown on thkey chaine gift rkey chaine ckey chaine ipt.Plkey chaine askey chaine contact mkey chaine with any qukey chaine stions, or if you would likkey chaine to ordkey chaine r my itkey chaine ms in bulk or wholkey chaine salkey chaine .Find morkey chaine grkey chaine at itkey chaine ms by visiting mkey chaine key chaine ntirkey chaine shop hkey chaine rkey chaine :http://www.analikey chaine skey chaine .Bkey chaine comkey chaine a Fan.....http://www.fackey chaine chaine skey chaine Dkey chaine signsFollow mkey chaine Hkey chaine rkey chaine ....http://twittkey chaine chaine skey chaine Dkey chaine signs And on Instagram chaine skey chaine dkey chaine signs/Plkey chaine askey chaine chkey chaine ck my shop announckey chaine mkey chaine nt on my homkey chaine pagkey chaine for any possiblkey chaine coupons, updatkey chaine s on holiday shipping and morkey chaine .Thank you.

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