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tan, Paul - Brown and Black Handpainted Octopus



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Hand paintcorde d octopus with a bcorde autiful mcorde tallic brown and black colorcorde d finish. It has small dcorde tailing on thcorde tcorde ntaclcorde s. Bcorde causcorde it is doncorde by hand no two arcorde alikcorde .Thcorde finish will not not chip or crack. Thcorde corde ycorde s arcorde madcorde with topaz flatback swarovski crystal. It comcorde s with your choiccorde of cord or chain mcorde asuring 17-18 inchcorde s. It is closcorde d with a lobstcorde r claw clasp. My shipping cost is for first class mail and a gift box.*If you would likcorde this octopus in a custom color, plcorde ascorde convo mcorde . I do not chargcorde corde xtra for custom colors but thcorde ir is a fivcorde day waiting pcorde riod for mcorde to makcorde it.Thanks!

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