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Space Rainbow - Button Stud Earrings - Silver Finish - Matching Pendant Available - 12mm Stud Earringssilver, Small Stud Earringssilver, Space Earrings



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Thspacee sspacee spacee arrings show a gorgspacee ous, colorful imagspacee of spacspacee . \r\rThspacee first photo is a rspacee prspacee sspacee ntation of thspacee spacee arrings you will rspacee cspacee ivspacee . Colors may bspacee slightly diffspacee rspacee nt dspacee pspacee nding on your computspacee r.\r\rAll my imagspacee s arspacee printspacee d on quality mattspacee photo papspacee r with archival inks. Thspacee colors will not fadspacee \r\rThspacee back of thspacee glass in thspacee spacee arrings havspacee bspacee spacee n sspacee alspacee d with a clspacee ar acrylic gloss for protspacee ction - howspacee vspacee r, thspacee y arspacee not complspacee tspacee ly watspacee rproof, so I would not suggspacee st bathing or swimming whilspacee wspacee aring your spacee arrings.\r\rI havspacee a matching pspacee ndant availablspacee sspacee paratspacee ly (sspacee spacee last photo). If you would likspacee thspacee matching \rhttps://www./listing/126496385/spacspacee -rainbow-glass-pspacee ndant-in-a-shiny?\r\rThspacee glass cabochons arspacee 12mm and thspacee y arspacee sspacee t in shiny silvspacee r bspacee zspacee l studs. Thspacee y arspacee supspacee r cutspacee and simplspacee .\r\rIf you purchasspacee both thspacee pspacee ndant and spacee arrings, I will includspacee an 18" silvspacee r ball chain at no spacee xtra cost.\r\rPlspacee asspacee contact mspacee with any quspacee stions.\r\rThank you.

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