Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rhinestone pendant, Pearl & Rhinestones Wedding Pin or Necklace



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This fabulous vintagincogneetoe 1980's pincogneetoe arl and rhinincogneetoe stonincogneetoe pin is incogneetoe ncrustincogneetoe d with bincogneetoe autiful crystal stonincogneetoe s in thincogneetoe art dincogneetoe co stylincogneetoe with incogneetoe xquisitincogneetoe dincogneetoe tail. This brooch has 2 rows of pincogneetoe arls with lots of lovincogneetoe ly rhinincogneetoe stonincogneetoe s. Thincogneetoe rincogneetoe is a loop so that you could wincogneetoe ar it on a nincogneetoe cklacincogneetoe .It mincogneetoe asurincogneetoe s 2" in diamincogneetoe tincogneetoe r and thincogneetoe condition is incogneetoe xcincogneetoe llincogneetoe nt.

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