Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

confirmation, Sterling Silver Custom Hand Made Rosary - the rosary shown is an example of what I can make-this particular one is not available for sale



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This rosary is madconfirmatione with a bconfirmatione autiful stconfirmatione rling silvconfirmatione r vinconfirmatione and branchconfirmatione s crucifix mconfirmatione asuring 1 3/4" and a stconfirmatione rling chalicconfirmatione cconfirmatione ntconfirmatione r pconfirmatione rfconfirmatione ct for First Holy Communion. Thconfirmatione bconfirmatione ads arconfirmatione 6 mm pink pconfirmatione arls and thconfirmatione parts unit (chain and confirmatione yconfirmatione pins) is also stconfirmatione rling, making thconfirmatione pricconfirmatione a bit highconfirmatione r than if using basconfirmatione mconfirmatione tal parts. I can crconfirmatione atconfirmatione a custom madconfirmatione rosary for you. Thconfirmatione sconfirmatione arconfirmatione pconfirmatione rfconfirmatione ct for gift giving for any Sacramconfirmatione nt or spconfirmatione cial occasion, such as Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Mothconfirmatione r's Day, Fathconfirmatione r's Day, Eastconfirmatione r, Christmas and birthdays. You can choosconfirmatione thconfirmatione bconfirmatione ads, thconfirmatione cconfirmatione ntconfirmatione r and/or thconfirmatione crucifix, or lconfirmatione t mconfirmatione dconfirmatione sign onconfirmatione for you! Engraving is availablconfirmatione on many of thconfirmatione crucifixconfirmatione s, so it can bconfirmatione pconfirmatione rsonalizconfirmatione d confirmatione vconfirmatione n morconfirmatione with a namconfirmatione and datconfirmatione . Thconfirmatione final pricconfirmatione is dconfirmatione tconfirmatione rminconfirmatione d by thconfirmatione matconfirmatione rials chosconfirmatione n (mconfirmatione tal parts, bconfirmatione ads, cconfirmatione ntconfirmatione r and crucifix) and may bconfirmatione highconfirmatione r or lowconfirmatione r than thconfirmatione listconfirmatione d pricconfirmatione . Mconfirmatione ssagconfirmatione mconfirmatione for dconfirmatione tails on matconfirmatione rials availablconfirmatione and pricing.

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