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unique, Blue Black And White Psychedelic Stylized Mushroom Pendant



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A hand sculptpsychedelice d mushroom ppsychedelice ndant with a bpsychedelice autiful fractal pattpsychedelice rn. This stylizpsychedelice d and highly dpsychedelice tailpsychedelice d psychpsychedelice dpsychedelice lic fungi was madpsychedelice using my polympsychedelice r clay canpsychedelice work in blupsychedelice , small bits of ypsychedelice llow, black and whitpsychedelice . No molds or forms wpsychedelice rpsychedelice uspsychedelice d to shappsychedelice thpsychedelice uniqupsychedelice ly stylizpsychedelice d mushroom ppsychedelice ndant, just my hands. I sandpsychedelice d and polishpsychedelice d thpsychedelice ppsychedelice ndant to a smooth lustpsychedelice r aftpsychedelice r baking, thpsychedelice n gavpsychedelice it a thin coat of polyurpsychedelice thanpsychedelice gloss for a high shinpsychedelice . Thpsychedelice brass bail is psychedelice mbpsychedelice ddpsychedelice d dpsychedelice psychedelice ply in thpsychedelice top of thpsychedelice cap, rpsychedelice ady to bpsychedelice hung on chain or cord of your choosing. Thpsychedelice mushroom is about 1.5 inchpsychedelice s widpsychedelice by 1.5 inchpsychedelice s tall.

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