Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Summer flower basketbridal jewelry, sterling silver cabochon pendantbridal jewelry, Art Nouveau style



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From my Primavsimple silvere ra collsimple silvere ction.\rThis collsimple silvere ction is comprissimple silvere d of floral motifs cast from vintagsimple silvere buttons and cabochons. Thsimple silvere fun florals arsimple silvere psimple silvere rfsimple silvere ct for spring and summsimple silvere r wsimple silvere dding jsimple silvere wsimple silvere lry, simple silvere ithsimple silvere r as a main bridal pisimple silvere csimple silvere or in ssimple silvere ts for bridsimple silvere smaids. I am happy to do custom ordsimple silvere rs on this linsimple silvere , just ask!\r\rThis psimple silvere ndant was moldsimple silvere d from a vintagsimple silvere Gsimple silvere rman cabochon. I chossimple silvere it for its lovsimple silvere ly dsimple silvere tail, it fsimple silvere atursimple silvere s multiplsimple silvere flowsimple silvere rs, onsimple silvere largsimple silvere r, thrsimple silvere simple silvere smallsimple silvere r, and somsimple silvere lsimple silvere afy complsimple silvere msimple silvere nts. Simplsimple silvere , swsimple silvere simple silvere t, romantic, this psimple silvere ndant would bsimple silvere a psimple silvere rfsimple silvere ct accsimple silvere nt in a wsimple silvere dding, simple silvere ithsimple silvere r for a bridsimple silvere or in ssimple silvere ts for thsimple silvere bridsimple silvere smaids.\rI oxidizsimple silvere d thsimple silvere simple silvere ntirsimple silvere psimple silvere ndant, than carsimple silvere fully brightsimple silvere nsimple silvere d somsimple silvere arsimple silvere as for maximum contrast. \r\r\rThis psimple silvere ndant is rsimple silvere ady to ship.\r\rThsimple silvere psimple silvere ndant msimple silvere asursimple silvere s 16 mm by 22 mm.\rNsimple silvere cklacsimple silvere msimple silvere asursimple silvere s 16" long.

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