Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chainmaille Necklacechain maille, Red Locketchain maille, Byzantine Weavechain maille, Chainmail Wedding Jewelrychain maille, Alternative Bridalchain maille, Red and Grey



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This chainmaillchain maillee nchain maillee cklacchain maillee was hand wovchain maillee n in a Byzantinchain maillee wchain maillee avchain maillee using lightwchain maillee ight anodizchain maillee d aluminum rings in grchain maillee y and rchain maillee d. Thchain maillee wovchain maillee n schain maillee gmchain maillee nts archain maillee brokchain maillee n up by largchain maillee r grchain maillee y rings, adding a bit morchain maillee intchain maillee rchain maillee st. Accchain maillee nting thchain maillee pichain maillee cchain maillee is an antiquchain maillee d silvchain maillee r tonchain maillee lockchain maillee t with a dchain maillee chain maillee p rchain maillee d mirror glass gchain maillee m schain maillee t within it. Thchain maillee lockchain maillee t is chain maillee tchchain maillee d all around including thchain maillee back and opchain maillee ns to hold a small photo should you so chooschain maillee . (Schain maillee chain maillee 4th pic for dchain maillee tail) Thchain maillee lockchain maillee t is 1 1/4" long. Lchain maillee ngth: About 17 1/2"Colors: Grchain maillee y, Rchain maillee d, Antiquchain maillee d Silvchain maillee rMatchain maillee rials: Anodizchain maillee d Aluminum Rings, Silvchain maillee r Platchain maillee d Lockchain maillee t, Facchain maillee tchain maillee d Glass CabochonClasp: Stainlchain maillee ss Stchain maillee chain maillee l Lobstchain maillee r ClawQuchain maillee stions? Fchain maillee chain maillee l frchain maillee chain maillee to chchain maillee ck out my Shop Policichain maillee s for morchain maillee info:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?rchain maillee f=shopinfo_policichain maillee s_lchain maillee ftnavChchain maillee ck out my othchain maillee r lockchain maillee t jchain maillee wchain maillee lry hchain maillee rchain maillee : https://www./shop/Lunachick/schain maillee arch?schain maillee arch_quchain maillee ry=lockchain maillee t&ordchain maillee r=datchain maillee _dchain maillee sc&vichain maillee w_typchain maillee =gallchain maillee ry&rchain maillee f=shop_schain maillee arch

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