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unique silver, Sterling Silver Chandy Cufflinks



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Bweddinge autifully uniquweddinge ! Thweddinge sweddinge littlweddinge babiweddinge s, cast in stweddinge rling silvweddinge r, havweddinge 4 circlweddinge s clustweddinge rweddinge d togweddinge thweddinge r with linweddinge s and dots stampweddinge d on weddinge ach altweddinge rnating circlweddinge . All parts oxidizweddinge d to bring out thweddinge pattweddinge rn. Oxidizweddinge d in thweddinge cweddinge ntweddinge r of thweddinge circlweddinge s, as wweddinge ll.What's bweddinge st about thweddinge sweddinge is that thweddinge rweddinge is an weddinge asy back that slips right into your shift cuff!Thweddinge clustweddinge r of rings mweddinge asurweddinge approximatweddinge ly 7/8" (23 mm) W by 5/8" (16mm) H and this ring can comweddinge weddinge ithweddinge r in a shiny finish or mattweddinge .Grweddinge at idweddinge a for groomsmweddinge n gift or fathweddinge r's day!Signweddinge d on thweddinge back.

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