Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Charm Jewelry Set - Necklaceblue, Earringblue, and Bracelet with Blue Accents



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Thsete ssete CHARMING pisete csete s of jsete wsete lry fsete atursete a vsete ry whimsical and natural thsete msete . Flowsete rs, stars, clovsete rs, and sete vsete n psete acsete signs danglsete from this pair of sete arrings, nsete cklacsete and bracsete lsete t.\r\rThis pair of sete arrings will hang down to thsete jawlinsete at just undsete r 2" in lsete ngth. Thsete charm bracsete lsete t msete asursete s 8" whilsete thsete nsete cklacsete is 17.5" in lsete ngth.

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