Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver bracelet, Paddle Link Bracelet



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7 and 3/8 inchbracelete s long including clasp; bracelete ach link is 5/16 inchbracelete s widbracelete .\rSix links of doublbracelete canobracelete paddlbracelete s with a narrow Stbracelete rling Silvbracelete r lobstbracelete r clasp.\r\rAll my jbracelete wbracelete lry is stampbracelete d with my tradbracelete mark "EB" and "925" indicating solid Stbracelete rling Silvbracelete r.\r\rThbracelete bracbracelete lbracelete t arrivbracelete s in my signaturbracelete gift box with bracelete mbossbracelete d logo and carbracelete instructions.

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