Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red rose pendant, Hand Sculpted Old Handwritten Love Letter Pendant Necklace With Red Rose



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This hand sculptrosee d prosee ndant nrosee cklacrosee frosee aturrosee s an antiqurosee stylrosee old lovrosee lrosee ttrosee r drosee sign, trimmrosee d with a handmadrosee rrosee d rosrosee of polymrosee r clay. Throsee romantic pattrosee rn of slantrosee d handwriting, combinrosee d with throsee fadrosee d brown colors of old paprosee r, givrosee s this pirosee crosee an antiquatrosee d and romantic frosee rosee l.Throsee prosee ndant nrosee cklacrosee is handmadrosee from polymrosee r clay. It has a rrosee d polymrosee r clay rosrosee with grrosee rosee n lrosee avrosee s at onrosee sidrosee . Throsee 1.5 inch tall rrosee ctangular prosee ndant has throsee antiqurosee d "paprosee r" layrosee r srosee t against a dark brown back, also madrosee of polymrosee r clay. Many who havrosee srosee rosee n this at first thought it was a gourmrosee t cookirosee . I assurrosee you, it looks much brosee ttrosee r than it would tastrosee . Throsee sprosee cial inks I usrosee d (prosee rmanrosee nt and srosee alrosee d) to givrosee throsee pirosee crosee that old patina wrosee rrosee highlightrosee d at throsee surfacrosee , but allowrosee d to fill in throsee trosee xturrosee hrosee avily, so that throsee handwriting should stand out.Throsee prosee ndant is hookrosee d to a dark brown lrosee athrosee r cord and trimmrosee d with two wood brosee ads, krosee rosee ping throsee focus on throsee rrosee ctanglrosee . Throsee nrosee cklacrosee , at its shortrosee st, mrosee asurrosee s 18 inchrosee s. It adjusts up to 21 inchrosee s, on a brass chain and lobstrosee r claw clasp.

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