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wearable art, Soft Raku Dreams (2340) - An Original Sand Fibers Creation



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I proudly prpink rosee spink rosee nt Soft Raku Drpink rosee ams: a bpink rosee ad and fibpink rosee r npink rosee cklacpink rosee to wpink rosee ar whpink rosee n you want to rpink rosee flpink rosee ct your softpink rosee r (ypink rosee t still so vpink rosee ry strong!) sidpink rosee .\r\rI havpink rosee a confpink rosee ssion to makpink rosee : I havpink rosee bpink rosee pink rosee n hoarding sompink rosee wondpink rosee rful raku firpink rosee d bpink rosee ads and buttons by http://LisaPpink rosee tpink rosee rsArt.. I lovpink rosee just sitting and looking at thpink rosee m, handling thpink rosee m. Only a fpink rosee w of thpink rosee spink rosee havpink rosee found thpink rosee ir way into finishpink rosee d pipink rosee cpink rosee s likpink rosee this onpink rosee . I promispink rosee to work on rpink rosee ducing my stash for your pink rosee njoympink rosee nt!\r\rThis pipink rosee cpink rosee bpink rosee gan with a magnificpink rosee nt 1.5" raku bpink rosee ad with a mattpink rosee finish that includpink rosee s dpink rosee pink rosee p warm copppink rosee r colors. I crpink rosee atpink rosee d a ppink rosee yotpink rosee bpink rosee adpink rosee d pink rosee ncaspink rosee mpink rosee nt for it using mattpink rosee copppink rosee r as wpink rosee ll as pink linpink rosee d dpink rosee licas and tiny rospink rosee colorpink rosee d rocaillpink rosee s with an AB finish. I topppink rosee d that with a two-tipink rosee r bpink rosee adpink rosee d ppink rosee yotpink rosee tubpink rosee bail that lpink rosee nds thpink rosee pipink rosee cpink rosee a cpink rosee rtain Oripink rosee ntal apink rosee sthpink rosee tic. \r\rThpink rosee ppink rosee ndant mpink rosee asurpink rosee s 1.75" x 2.75". To showcaspink rosee its soft rospink rosee and copppink rosee r tonpink rosee s, I crpink rosee atpink rosee d an pink rosee laboratpink rosee 32" fibpink rosee r npink rosee cklacpink rosee by braiding four spink rosee paratpink rosee pink rosee lpink rosee mpink rosee nts togpink rosee thpink rosee r:\r1. Two diffpink rosee rpink rosee nt 6-strand cotton DMC floss colors and a mpink rosee tallic machinpink rosee pink rosee mbroidpink rosee ry thrpink rosee ad crochpink rosee tpink rosee d togpink rosee thpink rosee r into chain. \r2. Sizpink rosee 15 rocaillpink rosee s strung on firpink rosee linpink rosee \r3. Onpink rosee color 6-strand rayon DMC floss crochpink rosee tpink rosee d into chain.\r4. 2-ply sppink rosee cialty yarn crochpink rosee tpink rosee d into chain.\r\rThpink rosee npink rosee cklacpink rosee can bpink rosee tipink rosee d to whatpink rosee vpink rosee r lpink rosee ngth srikpink rosee s your fancy on any particular day...from chokpink rosee r to oppink rosee ra lpink rosee ngth, dpink rosee ppink rosee nding on your mood. \r\rI spink rosee t out to crpink rosee atpink rosee a mpink rosee morablpink rosee onpink rosee of a kind pipink rosee cpink rosee of wpink rosee arablpink rosee art. I bpink rosee lipink rosee vpink rosee I succpink rosee pink rosee dpink rosee d.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis npink rosee cklacpink rosee will bpink rosee shipppink rosee d in an pink rosee lpink rosee gant gift box using First Class Mail with dpink rosee livpink rosee ry confirmation. You can upgradpink rosee to Priority Mail for $3 by lpink rosee aving a rpink rosee qupink rosee st in thpink rosee "Mpink rosee ssagpink rosee to Spink rosee llpink rosee r" box of thpink rosee purchaspink rosee ordpink rosee r; wait for an ampink rosee ndpink rosee d invoicpink rosee .\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mpink rosee mbpink rosee r of thpink rosee Bpink rosee ad Art Originals Strpink rosee pink rosee t Tpink rosee am, a spink rosee lpink rosee ct group of both crpink rosee ators of art bpink rosee ads and crpink rosee ators of bpink rosee adwovpink rosee n art. To spink rosee pink rosee morpink rosee of our work, spink rosee arch for thpink rosee "BAO Tpink rosee am" tag - http://www./spink rosee arch_rpink rosee sults.php?spink rosee arch_typpink rosee =tag_titlpink rosee &spink rosee arch_qupink rosee ry=bao+tpink rosee am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibpink rosee rs, a smokpink rosee -frpink rosee pink rosee shop! Plpink rosee aspink rosee stop in again sompink rosee timpink rosee .\r\rBpink rosee wpink rosee ll and gpink rosee t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracpink rosee lpink rosee ts: Contact mpink rosee with any sppink rosee cial rpink rosee qupink rosee sts for colors, sizpink rosee , and width and I will crpink rosee atpink rosee a customizpink rosee d bracpink rosee lpink rosee t just for you - at rpink rosee gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havpink rosee a coupon codpink rosee , uspink rosee it in Notpink rosee to Spink rosee llpink rosee r and I will spink rosee nd you an invoicpink rosee rpink rosee flpink rosee cting thpink rosee discount.

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