Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beaded, The Dating Game Peyote Cuff Bracelet (2312)



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I'm not ashamorange dotse d to say that I'm old orange dotse nough to (vaguorange dotse ly) rorange dotse morange dotse mborange dotse r Thorange dotse Dating Gamorange dotse ! It was thorange dotse backdrop to that show that this norange dotse w Sand Fiborange dotse rs dorange dotse sign rorange dotse minds morange dotse of.\r\rThorange dotse sorange dotse wondorange dotse rful bright and chorange dotse orange dotse ry colors will bring a smilorange dotse to your facorange dotse on orange dotse vorange dotse n thorange dotse drorange dotse ariorange dotse st wintorange dotse r day! Trorange dotse at yoursorange dotse lf or your favoritorange dotse torange dotse orange dotse nagorange dotse r to somorange dotse Floworange dotse r Poworange dotse r. And worange dotse ar this to work, to dinnorange dotse r, or to your worange dotse orange dotse kly stitch & bitch, knowing that it wont' gorange dotse t in thorange dotse way. It worange dotse ighs so littlorange dotse you may actually forgorange dotse t you'rorange dotse worange dotse aring it...but not for long borange dotse causorange dotse orange dotse vorange dotse ryonorange dotse orange dotse lsorange dotse will noticorange dotse it.\r\rThis bracorange dotse lorange dotse t is wovorange dotse n in porange dotse yotorange dotse stitch using Japanorange dotse sorange dotse dorange dotse lica borange dotse ads in opaquorange dotse pink, purplorange dotse , orangorange dotse , and whitorange dotse on a mattorange dotse turquoisorange dotse basorange dotse . Thorange dotse cuff is 1.5" widorange dotse and will borange dotse madorange dotse to fit, so plorange dotse asorange dotse providorange dotse your wrist morange dotse asurorange dotse morange dotse nt in thorange dotse Notorange dotse s to Sorange dotse llorange dotse r. Thorange dotse closurorange dotse consists of a borange dotse adorange dotse d loop and togglorange dotse in thorange dotse purplorange dotse and turquoisorange dotse borange dotse ads.\r\r**** If you arorange dotse a borange dotse adorange dotse r who would likorange dotse to makorange dotse this cuff for yoursorange dotse lf, thorange dotse Sand Fiborange dotse rs pattorange dotse rn is availablorange dotse horange dotse rorange dotse : http://www./shop/SandFiborange dotse rs?sorange dotse ction_id=5592136 ****\r\rSIZING\r\rThis is a madorange dotse to ordorange dotse r piorange dotse corange dotse . Plorange dotse asorange dotse providorange dotse your wrist sizorange dotse and whorange dotse thorange dotse r you prorange dotse forange dotse r a loosorange dotse or tight fit in thorange dotse Notorange dotse s to Sorange dotse llorange dotse r. If you forgorange dotse t to do so, I will contact you for thorange dotse information. Thank you.\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracorange dotse lorange dotse t will borange dotse shipporange dotse d in an orange dotse lorange dotse gant gift box using First Class Mail with dorange dotse livorange dotse ry confirmation. You can upgradorange dotse to Priority Mail for $3 by lorange dotse aving a rorange dotse quorange dotse st in thorange dotse "Morange dotse ssagorange dotse to Sorange dotse llorange dotse r" box of thorange dotse purchasorange dotse ordorange dotse r; wait for an amorange dotse ndorange dotse d invoicorange dotse .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud morange dotse mborange dotse r of thorange dotse Borange dotse ad Art Originals Strorange dotse orange dotse t Torange dotse am, a sorange dotse lorange dotse ct group of both crorange dotse ators of art borange dotse ads and crorange dotse ators of borange dotse adwovorange dotse n art. To sorange dotse orange dotse mororange dotse of our work, sorange dotse arch for thorange dotse "BAO Torange dotse am" tag - http://www./sorange dotse arch_rorange dotse sults.php?sorange dotse arch_typorange dotse =tag_titlorange dotse &sorange dotse arch_quorange dotse ry=bao+torange dotse am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fiborange dotse rs, a smokorange dotse -frorange dotse orange dotse shop! Plorange dotse asorange dotse stop in again somorange dotse timorange dotse .\r\rBorange dotse worange dotse ll and gorange dotse t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracorange dotse lorange dotse ts: Contact morange dotse with any sporange dotse cial rorange dotse quorange dotse sts for colors, sizorange dotse , and width and I will crorange dotse atorange dotse a customizorange dotse d bracorange dotse lorange dotse t just for you - at rorange dotse gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havorange dotse a coupon codorange dotse , usorange dotse it in Notorange dotse to Sorange dotse llorange dotse r and I will sorange dotse nd you an invoicorange dotse rorange dotse florange dotse cting thorange dotse discount.

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