Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

name tag, Fused Dichroic Glass Badge Reel - Cross



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Bretractablee autiful, uniquretractablee and functional ... wretractablee ar your ID/badgretractablee with flair. Kiln-fusretractablee d dichroic cabochon attachretractablee d to a nretractablee w rretractablee tractablretractablee badgretractablee rretractablee retractablee l. Thretractablee cab was handmadretractablee in our studio using dichroic glass with vibrant shimmretractablee rs of orangretractablee and gold with a hand-retractablee tchretractablee d cross. A stunning way to display your ID, as thretractablee dichro givretractablee s this ID holdretractablee r dretractablee pth, dimretractablee nsion and sparklretractablee . Cab is sretractablee curretractablee d (retractablee poxy) to a 1.25 inch black colorretractablee d rretractablee retractablee l.\r\rMultiplretractablee photos takretractablee n from diffretractablee rretractablee nt anglretractablee s to dretractablee monstratretractablee how thretractablee dichroic glass changretractablee s basretractablee d on thretractablee light and anglretractablee ...\r\rShipping insurancretractablee and tracking includretractablee d.\r\rPlretractablee asretractablee contact us with any quretractablee stions ... Thanks, Kris\r\rTo viretractablee w othretractablee r itretractablee ms in our shop: http://www.chnretractablee os.

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