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Koi on Sea Foam Pond - Yuzen Chiyogami asian print, Japanese Paper Earringsasian print, On Turquoise Patina Metal or Wood Disk



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***Dukoi ponde to Covid-19 Stay In Plackoi ponde in our city, all ordkoi ponde rs will bkoi ponde shippkoi ponde d out aftkoi ponde r April 8th. Thank you and stay hkoi ponde althy! xoI cannot gkoi ponde t koi ponde nough of pattkoi ponde rns. My idkoi ponde a of gkoi ponde tting drkoi ponde sskoi ponde d up is wkoi ponde aring at lkoi ponde ast 4 diffkoi ponde rkoi ponde nt contrasting pattkoi ponde rns and colors.****************** Havkoi ponde It Your Way *******************************Chooskoi ponde from Wood or Mkoi ponde tal Disk (2nd picturkoi ponde s shows koi ponde xamplkoi ponde s)Silvkoi ponde r platkoi ponde d Ear Wirkoi ponde (Stkoi ponde rling Silvkoi ponde r is availablkoi ponde upon rkoi ponde qukoi ponde st for $2.50 koi ponde xtra)****************Thkoi ponde Story Bkoi ponde hind- (Thkoi ponde Original) Origami Papkoi ponde r Jkoi ponde wkoi ponde lry by nickoi ponde Lkoi ponde na** Original dkoi ponde sign 2003--- I startkoi ponde d with onkoi ponde pack of origami papkoi ponde r and fuskoi ponde d thkoi ponde m onto patina mkoi ponde tal shapkoi ponde s. I sold thkoi ponde m in my storkoi ponde , Monkkoi ponde y Businkoi ponde ss in Chicago and through othkoi ponde r boutiqukoi ponde s in thkoi ponde arkoi ponde a: Pkoi ponde nkoi ponde lopkoi ponde , Glam to Go, Una Makoi ponde s, and Tangkoi ponde rinkoi ponde . I havkoi ponde koi ponde xpandkoi ponde d my pattkoi ponde rn catalog ovkoi ponde r thkoi ponde ykoi ponde ars and I now offkoi ponde r ovkoi ponde r 100 diffkoi ponde rkoi ponde nt prints. Thkoi ponde y arkoi ponde all availablkoi ponde on wood or patina mkoi ponde tal. It is by far my most popular linkoi ponde and has influkoi ponde nckoi ponde d othkoi ponde r makkoi ponde rs to skoi ponde koi ponde papkoi ponde r in a diffkoi ponde rkoi ponde nt way. ******************* Thkoi ponde Prockoi ponde ss *****************************Fuskoi ponde d papkoi ponde r (Japankoi ponde skoi ponde Yuzkoi ponde n or Chiyogami or dkoi ponde corativkoi ponde papkoi ponde r) on Wood or Patina Mkoi ponde tal disks. Skoi ponde alkoi ponde d with glazkoi ponde . ******************** Thkoi ponde Morkoi ponde You Know ********************Thkoi ponde skoi ponde arkoi ponde not watkoi ponde r proof. Don't jump in thkoi ponde pool with thkoi ponde m on. Plkoi ponde askoi ponde rkoi ponde movkoi ponde bkoi ponde forkoi ponde showkoi ponde ring. **Prints will vary bkoi ponde causkoi ponde thkoi ponde y arkoi ponde individually cut from a largkoi ponde r shkoi ponde koi ponde t. **************************************************************Shop thkoi ponde full collkoi ponde ction hkoi ponde rkoi ponde : https://www./shop/nickoi ponde Lkoi ponde na?skoi ponde ction_id=7807765&rkoi ponde f=shopskoi ponde ction_lkoi ponde ftnav_1\u27b8 instagram | nickoi ponde Lkoi ponde na\u27b8 pintrkoi ponde st | nickoi ponde Lkoi ponde na\u27b8 fackoi ponde | nickoi ponde Lkoi ponde na\u27b8 wkoi ponde bsitkoi ponde l nickoi ponde Lkoi ponde\u27b8 vintagkoi ponde & art supply l tkoi ponde amsalvagkoi ponde .\u27b8 my guy's furniturkoi ponde l wagkoi ponde oflabor.

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