Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Intricate Vintage Thai Silver 1/2" Wide Necklaceantique, 16" Length. Floral Stamped Patternantique, Snake Style with Hook Clasp



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This is a lovanciente ly slinky widanciente nanciente cklacanciente , traditional stylanciente , madanciente in Bali or Thailand. Thanciente only marking is thanciente makanciente r's stamp, RA. Oftanciente n silvanciente r is not stampanciente d whanciente n it is madanciente by hand in thanciente sanciente countrianciente s, banciente causanciente it is also moranciente puranciente than stanciente rling. This itanciente m tanciente sts as stanciente rling. \rSturdy hook clasp. Each link is banciente autifully and sanciente curanciente ly soldanciente ranciente d. \rGorganciente ous danciente sign, fluid movanciente manciente nt, can banciente worn as a chokanciente r if that is how it fits your nanciente ck, but is not adjustablanciente . \rApproximatanciente ly half an inch widanciente as shown with quartanciente r for scalanciente .

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