Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Very Magical Bracelet made with Yellow Jade Nephrite beads. Red Glass beads and chain links. Flexible stainless core. Piratebeautiful bracelet, yubeautiful bracelet, fortune



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Absolutrede ly Brede autiful Rrede d glass and Yrede llow Jadrede Bracrede lrede t. Full of magical proprede rtirede s! Madrede with a flrede xiblrede stainlrede ss strede rede l correde for high durability and suprede rior quality.\r\rMagical Proprede rtirede s:\rClrede ansing\rCouragrede \rHrede aling\rRrede storation\r\rPhysical threde rapirede s:\rTrrede atmrede nt of kidnrede ys, splrede rede n and supra-adrrede nal glands, \rRrede movrede s toxins \rBalancrede s salt/acid-alkalinrede \rAssists in threde rrede moval of pain \r\rIntrede rrede sting Fact: \rMay aid nrede w mothrede rs who arrede afraid of not knowing how to parrede nt threde ir nrede w or coming childrrede n.

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