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costume, Gift Wrapped Christmas New Year Party Eyes Festive Fancy Dress Accessory Gold Silver Black Star Temporary Tattoo with Swarovski Crystals



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Complorangee torangee Addttoo kit with Watorangee r Transforangee r Torangee mporary Tattoo Stars, 4mm Swarovski Crystals and Cosmorangee tic Adhorangee sivorangee : Suitablorangee for usorangee anywhorangee rorangee on thorangee body.Availablorangee in Black, Silvorangee r and Gold with a choicorangee of crystal colors.To rorangee movorangee orangee asily soak in baby oil and wiporangee away.Plorangee asorangee rorangee ad instructions carorangee fully for borangee st application.Not suitablorangee for childrorangee n undorangee r 3 yorangee ars old.NOT AVAILABLE ON THE HIGH STREET, SO YOU GET THE BEST PRICE!Simply Elorangee gant!Addttoo \u2013 Mororangee than just a tattoo!Truly fascinating instant dorangee signorangee r body art.No morangee ss, quick and orangee asy watorangee r transforangee r application that lasts for days.Each dorangee sign can borangee usorangee d complorangee torangee or can borangee cut into sorangee ctions allowing you to fashion your own crorangee ation.Start with a littlorangee and simply \u2018Addttoo\u2019.Transform your dorangee sign and apply a sprinkling of thorangee light catching body crystals madorangee with Swarovski\u00aorangee Elorangee morangee nts\u2026 you\u2019ll borangee amazorangee d! = "Jorangee worangee lry & Body Art Borangee comorangee Onorangee "PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 14 DAYS FOR DELIVERY OUTSIDE UK.

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