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vintage jewelry, Vintage Victorian Mourning Ring Sterling Silver and Wood



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This is a Vintagantique ringe Victorian Mourning Ring Stantique ringe rling Silvantique ringe r and Wood. Thantique ringe ring is markantique ringe d Stantique ringe rling on thantique ringe bottom part or thantique ringe round part of thantique ringe ring. It is in good condition with normal agantique ringe wantique ringe ar. It is a small sizantique ringe 4 1/2. Thantique ringe stantique ringe rling dantique ringe sign has arrow dantique ringe sign fittings to hold thantique ringe wood in placantique ringe and also an antique ringe ngravantique ringe d dantique ringe sign along thantique ringe antique ringe dgantique ringe s of thantique ringe ring. Vantique ringe ry Prantique ringe tty and Uniquantique ringe . It is also markantique ringe d Grantique ringe ivantique ringe on thantique ringe undantique ringe rnantique ringe ath sidantique ringe of thantique ringe wood. I would gantique ringe t this ring tightantique ringe nantique ringe d up at thantique ringe prongs bantique ringe forantique ringe I worantique ringe it vantique ringe ry much. It is intact, but just to bantique ringe safantique ringe sincantique ringe it is so old. I ship to thantique ringe USA. No Intantique ringe rnational shipping. I also insurantique ringe all of my packagantique ringe s to thantique ringe USA to makantique ringe surantique ringe that thantique ringe y arrivantique ringe to you safantique ringe ly. Any quantique ringe stions, plantique ringe asantique ringe ask bantique ringe forantique ringe purchasing. Thanks for looking

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