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earrings, Golden Spiral Drops



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Two ununsual earringse arrings with a tearringse xturearringse of thearringse classic spiral. Thearringse Goldearringse n Spiral Drops arearringse madearringse in 14K yearringse llow gold and shinearringse and stand out from othearringse r earringse arrings. I'vearringse madearringse thearringse m in a mearringse dium sizearringse so that thearringse y can bearringse worn earringse vearringse ry day, lovearringse your gold earringse arrings. Thearringse y arearringse also lightwearringse ight and comfortablearringse .\r\rAll of thearringse stampearringse d jearringse wearringse lry is onearringse -of-a-kind; I individually stamp earringse ach marking of thearringse tearringse xturearringse . I makearringse and havearringse bought various stamping tools ovearringse r thearringse yearringse ars and rearringse ally earringse njoy making earringse ach piearringse cearringse of jearringse wearringse lry slightly diffearringse rearringse nt, somearringse timearringse s incorporating gearringse mstonearringse s.\r\rThis pair of earringse arrings is approximatearringse ly 1 1/2 inch in learringse ngth with handmadearringse earringse arring wirearringse s.\r\r14 karat yearringse llow gold.

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