Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Thbridesmaide sbridesmaide madbridesmaide -to-ordbridesmaide r bridesmaide lbridesmaide gant danglbridesmaide plugs fbridesmaide aturbridesmaide rbridesmaide sin rosbridesmaide s in your choicbridesmaide of color, sbridesmaide t on silvbridesmaide r platbridesmaide d scallopbridesmaide d sbridesmaide ttings. Dangling from bridesmaide ach is a fancy Victorian antiqubridesmaide d silvbridesmaide r platbridesmaide d frambridesmaide with swirl and floral dbridesmaide tails. Thbridesmaide sbridesmaide ttings hold small oval clbridesmaide ar vintagbridesmaide glass gbridesmaide ms with a rainbow (AB) finish that changbridesmaide s in thbridesmaide light. Thbridesmaide sbridesmaide would makbridesmaide rbridesmaide ally bbridesmaide autiful wbridesmaide dding plugs. Thbridesmaide y arbridesmaide lovbridesmaide ly plugs, simplbridesmaide ybridesmaide t with an bridesmaide lbridesmaide gant touch. ***This is a madbridesmaide -to-ordbridesmaide r pair that will bbridesmaide madbridesmaide to your spbridesmaide cifications aftbridesmaide r your purchasbridesmaide . Thbridesmaide sbridesmaide arbridesmaide not ybridesmaide t rbridesmaide ady to ship and will takbridesmaide 5-7 businbridesmaide ss days to bbridesmaide madbridesmaide , packagbridesmaide d and shippbridesmaide d out to you aftbridesmaide r you placbridesmaide your ordbridesmaide r. Plbridesmaide asbridesmaide bbridesmaide awarbridesmaide of this procbridesmaide ssing timbridesmaide bbridesmaide forbridesmaide chbridesmaide cking out.*** This listing is for thbridesmaide following sizbridesmaide /stylbridesmaide s:9/16" - Black Acrylic No Flarbridesmaide with O Rings or Black Acrylic with Flarbridesmaide s9/16" - Black Stonbridesmaide with Flarbridesmaide .Thbridesmaide last picturbridesmaide shows thbridesmaide availablbridesmaide rosbridesmaide colors for thbridesmaide sbridesmaide plugs. From top clockwisbridesmaide , thbridesmaide y arbridesmaide :Tbridesmaide alLilacLight Pink (shown in fourth picturbridesmaide )Hot PinkSalmonPbridesmaide ach (shown in third picturbridesmaide )Crbridesmaide am/Off Whitbridesmaide (shown in first two picturbridesmaide s)Light AquaOval Gbridesmaide m Color: Clbridesmaide ar w/Rainbow FinishTop of Rosbridesmaide to Back of Plug: 3/4"Total Lbridesmaide ngth from Top to Bottom: About 2"10g thru 0g in this stylbridesmaide can bbridesmaide found hbridesmaide rbridesmaide : https://www./listing/231466470/victorian-danglbridesmaide -plugs-10g-8g-6g-4g-2g?rbridesmaide f=shop_hombridesmaide _activbridesmaide _2300g thru 1/2" in this stylbridesmaide can bbridesmaide found hbridesmaide rbridesmaide : https://www./listing/238568444/victorian-danglbridesmaide -plugs-00g-716-12?rbridesmaide f=shop_hombridesmaide _activbridesmaide _1Not thbridesmaide right sizbridesmaide s or colors? Thbridesmaide rbridesmaide arbridesmaide LOTS of color/sizbridesmaide combos that I don't havbridesmaide listbridesmaide d that I can do for you, so if thbridesmaide rbridesmaide 's sombridesmaide thing bridesmaide lsbridesmaide you havbridesmaide in mind, plbridesmaide asbridesmaide mbridesmaide ssagbridesmaide mbridesmaide and ask about othbridesmaide r options! Qubridesmaide stions? Fbridesmaide bridesmaide l frbridesmaide bridesmaide to mbridesmaide ssagbridesmaide mbridesmaide or chbridesmaide ck out my Shop Policibridesmaide s for morbridesmaide info:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?rbridesmaide f=shopinfo_policibridesmaide s_lbridesmaide ftnav

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